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Lee Berman

Lee Berman spent some time here this past summer and skated so much that not even the rain could stop him.   Check out the picture of Lee skating in the rain, as well as some of his top camp picks.


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Top 3:
Favorite obstacle to Skate/ Ride at Camp:

1. F-bowl since day one
2. Target Plaza- what the camps needed for a decade
3. Playground mini- time less fun for all levels

Favorite Things to do when not Skating at Camp:
1. Go carts
2. Ropes Course
3. Horses

Best Camp Memories:
1. 10 years old on the Rockaway bus coming over the hill and seeing camp
2.  I've made life long friends
3.  Skating mini ramp with barker barrett

Best Video Sections: (Not your own)
1. Ricky Oyola- eastern exposer
2. Kenny Reed- new deal video
3. Jake Rupp- static 1

Favorite Movies:
1. Good Will Hunting
2. Gran Torino
3. Boondock Saints

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