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Aaron Suski

Aaron Suski has made Camp Woodward in PA a vacation home for a few summers now.  We recently were able to pick Aaron's brain to see what keeps him coming back.  Check out the top 3 interview below.

Name: Aarron Suskiaaron-suski-back-tailSPONSORS:  zoo york, volcom, emerica, independent trucks, satori wheels, roughneck bolts

Favorite obstacle to Skate/ Ride at Camp:

1. Target Plaza
2. The Rock
3. Outdoor Street

Favorite Things to do when not Skating at Camp:
1. Recording Studio
2. Swim
3. Enjoy the serenity around camp woodward

Best Camp Memories:
1. Jamming in the music room with new found friends
2. Getting my butt whooped in a game of skate with the campers
3. Getting a taste of sweet victory the next day

Best Video Sections: (Not your own)aaron-suski-melon

1. John Cardial - Transworld video
2.The Gonz Video Days
3. Marc Johnson - Lakai

Favorite Movies:
1. Big Lebowski
2. Anchor Man
3. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

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